Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Review

Loudness: (4 / 5)
Sound Quality: (4.3 / 5)
Bass: (2 / 5)
Clarity: (3.9 / 5)
Weight: (3 / 5)
Usability: (4.1 / 5)
Overall: (3.6 / 5)

The Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Rechargeable Speaker is a great light weight speaker and can easily be strapped to your backpack for portability.

Tested In: Eastern Sierras

Duration of Test: 7 days



The Pro:The light weight and ruggedness of the speaker makes it easy to pack and store. Axiom Surf only charged it one time within the 7 day period as long as you get the right angle of the sun for the solar charge. We believe Goal Zero is using high grade panels which is why we did’t have to charge very often at all. The inside pockets make it nice to carry various small items like your iPod and cables. The cables attached to the speaker make it really easy to strap to anything from backpacks to hanging it from rope. The highs to mids on the speakers are really clear and great sounding.

The Con:If your looking for a speaker with a lot of bass, Axiom Surf wouldn’t recommend this. It does have a deep bass technology but, the bass is faint. The solar panel on the back of the speaker is easily scatchable so we always kept resting it on the speaker side. Axiom Surf wish the solar panel was able to charge MP3 player instead of charging from the car for completely off grid use.

Overall:This speaker is targeted for consumers looking for a lightweight packable speaker. Because it’s so easy to hang or attach, we often found a good location for the speaker to project the sound. A great speaker for outdoor or camping use in my opinion.