Rinse Kit Portable Shower Review

Usability: (4.3 / 5)

Durable: (3 / 5)

Overall: (3.6 / 5)


Dimensions: 17x12x14 inches

Weight: 9 lbs. dry

Tank Capacity: 2 gallons

The Rinse Kit Portable Sprayer pressurized portable shower is a optimal way to clean yourself after a fun surf session.


The Pro: This device is really easy to fill up and has a really nice strong hose cord. Axiom Surf has been using this for camping and surfing with no problems at all. We like how you can remove the lid, stand on it and easily rinse your feet off. Putting your sandals back on without sand on your feet is always the challenge right? The hose attachment is exactly like the one you find at your house where you can change different spray settings. When the pressure goes low, switching the nozzle to jet will give you a little extra water pressure.

The Con: Axiom Surf wish there was a way to fill this up without using the hose and still have the Rinse Kit pressurized. The hose provides the pressure so this unit doesn’t need any electric device to pump the water. Another wish would be to heat the water up easily somehow and put it into the container. Lastly, sometimes the pressure runs low but there is still water in the reservoir.

Overall: This is a great product for your daily surf routine and to have as part of your surf gear. It especially comes in handy when the beaches close the public showers due to drought and you need a wash. In regards to camping, it may be hard to find a hose hookup to fill up the Rinse Kit when you need a quick shower.

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