Dakine vs VESL Surfboard Strap


Strap Width: Dakine = 1 3/8 inches and VESL = 1 1/8 inches

Strap Length: Dakine = 12 feet and VESL = 10 Feet

Duration of Test: 2 years for Dakine and 1 year for VESL

Both of these straps utilize the same type of pull to tighten technology but Axiom Surf has found the Dakine straps quality are a little better.


The Pro: The Dakine Baja Tie Down Straps – 12′ – Black and VESL Surf straps are great straps any way you look at it. The technology is really basic and Axiom Surf never had any of these come loose on the highway. These straps are made to hook over roof rack bars so if you’re running factory OEM roof racks you’ll have to find a way to mount them. Rock climbing carabiners can work for the factory rack.

The Con: Since the technology for straps in general have been around for a long time, these have no problems holding. We can tell the VESL straps quality are a little less than that of the Dakine but, for the price of the VESL you really can’t beat it.

Overall: This is a must have surf gear product when you have to strap your board to the top of the vehicle. The Dakine will probably hold a little more wait because the strap is 1 3/8 inch wide so if you’re loading a lot of boards or Stand Up Paddle Boards then, pay the extra money and get the Dakine Baja Straps.

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